Our Story

The IllumiaSkin story begins with love and a shared passion for creating a beautiful life.

IllumiaSkin was created by self-proclaimed health and beauty enthusiasts Stacey and Bobby. The couple is incredibly passionate and seeks to get the most out of life. They value family, growth, and good health, seeing beauty in science and self-discovery. Both seek transformation without compromise and believe time dedicated to self-care promotes positive, lasting change. Together, they unite decades of experience in business and pharmaceuticals with the vision to deliver mesmerising moments of transformation to all. Thus, IllumiaSkin was born.

With the cost of living rising and safety standards often compromised by others, the decision to ensure that IllumiaSkin offers safe, high-quality solutions without a hefty price to match is at the core of the brand promise. The couple launched their first IllumiaSkin product during the pandemic when government restrictions challenged access to salons, and people were seeking affordable and effective home beauty rituals. They introduced a premium, consciously priced face mask with proven LED technology, delivering multidimensional results in the comfort of your home. The product sold out in 24 hours.

The couple continues to focus on developing safe, valuable at-home beauty solutions, encouraging their community to make mindful decisions and make time for regular wellness rituals. Research shows that we neglect self-care, reflection, and rejuvenation practices, spend more time on social media, and become addicted to our devices. We face unrealistic beauty standards, false claims, and unlimited trends daily, leaving us feeling pressured, overwhelmed, and time-starved. That’s why the moments when we choose to prioritise our wellness are so powerful.

Recognising the many challenges we face today, Stacey and Bobby are leading the quest to deliver mesmerising moments of positive change for everyone by choosing to celebrate mindful science-fuelled rituals that transform (inside and out).

About Stacey & Bobby

Stacey and Bobby are partners in life and business. They have three children, Zac, Ivy, and Ari, along with a cheeky Cavoodle, Nelson. The family lives in Sydney, Australia, though they enjoy quality time and road trips to the NSW Mid-North Coast countryside, where Stacey grew up.

IllumiaSkin is one of several companies the couple has created together under Ergo Health Group, formed to deliver unrivalled health solutions in partnership with global manufacturers and suppliers.

Building companies while growing a family and developing their marriage takes unwavering devotion and teamwork. The two share a deep passion for innovation, beauty, and health and view working together as a significant advantage. Ultimately, their success is their family’s success, and they believe being co-founders strengthens their relationship, day in and day out.