The IllumiaSkin LED face mask works wonders! I could see results within the first 2 weeks of using it. I only get the odd 2 or 3 pimples but this has stopped me from getting pimples at all and as a teen, the prevention of acne is a life changer.

Georgia C, VIC on December 2022

I was gifted an IllumiaSkin Mask for my birthday. I noticed a reduction in redness within a week, and now get compliments often on how much less red my skin is. My favorite part is that even in situations that use to flair me up, my skin is so much more resilient!! I use my 10 min treatments as a chance to practise some meditation and mindfulness too so it improves my skin and my mind.

Hanna F, QLD on December 2022

I haven’t been using it long but I can actually tell the difference. I found my treatments to be so soothing. I am 60 years old and I’m at the age where I think these sorts of treatments will help the condition of my skin. What I have noticed is my skin has glow to it after only a few treatments.

Ann-maree D, NSW on January 2023

It’s so easy to use, compact to take with us while we are on holidays and we’re loving the relaxation involved in taking time out for self-care. Can’t wait to continue to see results over the coming months.

Kate B, VIC on January 2023

I love the convenience this product offers via the battery pack. I put it on and walk around, do meal prep, study, even taking it on road trips. I used it 3 times a week prior to my wedding and my skin was clear and glowing for the day.

Catherine E, QLD on January 2023

I've been using your LED for a week now...starting to really notice a difference in my skin.

Jess B, VIC on Oct 2022

Thank you for introducing IllumiaSkin LED light therapy mask to the Australian market. I am not used to going to a beautician and spend money on expensive skin products, this is the ultimate solution.

Tetiana on Oct 2022

The mask has been doing my skin wonders. Definitely a great purchase.

Eden J, NSW on Oct 2022

I'm really happy with the results of using my Illumia mask and have noticed a reduction in the sun damage on my face. I use the time to relax, reflect and practice daily affirmations. It's so important to build in some time for yourself each day and the Illumia mask has made this easy and enjoyable for me. I highly recommend this device.

Roslyn B, NSW on Oct 2022

I absolutely love my Illumia LED Mask! I suffer from Rosacea & Dermatitis and it has been a total game-changer for calming it right down! I can’t live without my mask now, nothing else works nearly as well. Highly recommend incorporating this mask in your weekly skincare routine! 😍

Robyn K, NSW on Oct 2022